To the One Who Made Me a Mother

You’re the person I never knew I needed, but always knew I wanted.

You taught me a depth of love like I’ve never known — a love for you, a love for your dad, and a love for myself. When I thought I knew just how deep my Heavenly Father loved me, you came along and showed me just how deep that love goes.

Through tears, through mistakes, through days when I felt like I did nothing right, you’ve been there. Through laughter, through achievements, through moments of celebrating victories hidden from the world, you’ve been there.

You’ve literally wiped rolling tears from my face, while other days being the very cause those tears fall. You’ve giggled at my silliness, while other days I’ve giggled at yours.

From our very first days together, just the two of us, when everything was a blur, as I took on the title of “Mother” and you the title of “Daughter,” both of us trying to figure out this new normal of life, to these newfound days where we are yet again, navigating new waters, as you've taken on the title of "Big Sister" and I the role, of now, "Mother of two," as we added in another member to our family you’ve been there, right by my side, navigating it with me, all hours of the day, and some, all hours of the night.

You’ve taught me how much weight my words carry, that what I say to you is just as important as the words I speak to myself.

You’ve taught me what true forgiveness looks like, because even though I’m the parent, I make mistakes, too — but you’re always willing to see past those, with your little “it’s okay, mama,” — you don’t hold it against me.

You’ve taught me that those mistakes, they're okay, they will be made — just as much on my end as yours, but that’s the beauty of grace. And what a beautiful, daily picture of grace you are to me.

You’ve taught me how perspective matters. Who I see in the mirror, isn’t always who you see — and boy am I thankful for that. From my weight, to the stretch marks, loose skin and “ouchies,” those black bags under my eyes and the wrinkles on my forehead, yet all you can say to me is, “you’re beautiful, mama. I love your lines.”

Patience, independence, strength, beauty, confidence, honesty, and so much more; I could go on and on about how much you’ve taught me, how much I’ve learned from you, how I’ve grown — and equally, I could share just as much about you and the growth you've made in just 2.5 short years.

Though you tell me these days, “I used to be a tiny baby, but I’m a big girl now,” you’re still my baby — I still see that tiny 6 lb. 9 oz. little girl who they placed in my arms, the one who made me a mother.

I may have carried you for nine months, I may have birthed you, brought you into this world, but you have carried me daily — you, sweet little one, birthed a mother.

To the one who made me a mother, thank you.

You rocked my world and made me so much more than I could have ever known I was capable of becoming.

I thank God that He gave me you exactly when He did, that He has allowed me the opportunity to love such a beautiful, little human while here on this earth. Thank you for making me a mother and daily reminding me that you’re right here with me, showing me God’s goodness day in and day out.

To the one who made me a mother —

my sweet, firstborn, oh how I love you so.

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