The Forgotten Lunch

I’ve always been somewhat forgetful. I’m one of those usually overly organized people who tends to have multiple planners, each one being for a different aspect of my life, work planner, activity planner, baby planner, all written in different colors, etc. I love making to-do lists and being able to check things off once completed. Ah, such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

However, since being pregnant, it seems that my brain has gone from somewhat forgetful to, yikes, I might accidentally burn down the house forgetful. Earlier on in my pregnancy, I had several moms say to me, “Oh, just wait. Pregnancy brain will hit you and it is a real thing." In my mind, I thought, eh, maybe that’s a little bit of an excuse and it’s not quite as exaggerated as it sounds….

Over the last couple weeks though, I’ve figured out for myself that this whole idea of pregnancy brain, might not be such a myth after all. As I got up off the couch last night I told Wes I was going to go do some stuff around the house. Jokingly, he said, “Like make my lunch?”

Sure what do you want? I asked him.

Since the offer was there, he told me exactly what kind of sandwich he wanted and what he wanted packed. Simple enough, right?

3 Hours Later…. (Que SpongeBob voice, y’all know what I’m talking about)

Wes and I had cozied up into bed, all nice and comfy.

“So what did you pack me for lunch?’

Imagine my face when I realized that whoops… somehow I had forgot about packing the lunch I said I would pack.

Oh, crap.

“Are you kidding…. you really forgot didn’t you?”

After making him promise not to wake up early and make his own lunch, I woke up 15 minutes earlier this morning to pack the exact lunch he had asked for.

We won’t go into the story two weeks ago when I almost burnt the house down.

Pregnancy Brain. It’s a real thing.

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