I Saw God Today

"Where did you see God at in your life today?"

When I first read this question, what I instantly thought was, "Well obviously God is everywhere, this will be easy.” 

And then I stopped.

Because as I really began to think about it, as embarrassing and honestly saddening as it is for me to admit, I drew a blank. I had to really think for a second about where I saw Him.

The more I pondered this question though, the more clearly I saw Him in my day.

I saw Him in the sweet, random “I love you, mom,” from my toddler as she stopped mid play to tell me that, then just as quickly returned to playing. Just like my daughter, God is always so good at reminding me, He sees me, He’s thinking of me and He loves me, randomly, in the midst of my day. 

I saw Him in the bright green, sprout of fresh life from my mint plant that just sprung this morning — There, barley noticeable, but still evident, my tiny mint plant was thriving in its pot from last year, surrounded by dead weeds, dead limbs of other mint pieces that didn’t survive, and dead leaves that had collected from the winter. Though there is death, there is also life. 

I saw Him in each aggressive kick, my tiny growing baby gave me, reminding me that even in a pandemic, there is still so much good. He is still good.

I saw Him in the fresh air, blue skies, birds chirping, and giggles of my daughter as she went down her slide on her belly, completely carefree, as I sat in my chair outside, amazed at the peaceful moment despite the chaos going on in the world around us.

I was reminded of who He is as our Creator — His creation is His to give.

And His to take away. 

I saw Him on social media, in the posts of the church sharing the love of Jesus through simple, fun challenges for kids and their parents; through pastors popping on from their back porch or living room chair to share an encouraging word; through church planters creating free online resources to cultivate relationships despite not being able to physically meet with people in person; through my friends sharing their hearts of how they are clinging to faith instead of letting fear lead their lives.

I saw Him in my husband; when he walked in the door and snuck into my hand 2 mini Twix bars, a small gesture showing he knows me, he’s thinking about me; when he chose to serve me through a simple act like making our daughter’s snack, without me even asking even though she very clearly said, “I’m hungry, mom.” Despite the “mom,” at the end, he immediately responded, choosing to do it himself rather than me have to do it or even have to ask him to do it.

I saw Him in pictures I had snapped earlier in the week of my husband and daughter mowing together. A father leading his child, a child following in his steps, not even questioning why or where those steps would lead; A father passing down knowledge to the next generation, showing love so that she will grow up to love others, just as he loved her.

I saw God today. I didn’t at first — not because He wasn’t there,

but because I simply wasn’t looking for Him.

So, I want to challenge you, where did you see God at in your life today?

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