Houses, Cars and Babies, Oh, My!

Wait… It’s June? Where did April and May go?

April seemed like a whirlwind. After finding out we were expecting this summer, with the lease on our house ending come May, Wes and I decided it was time to upgrade to a new home.

Better yet, let’s go from renters, to full on home owners.

And that’s exactly what we did.

After looking at several houses, we came across one that for the most part, was in great condition, just needed a *little* home improvement. On April 1, 2017, we officially owned a house. With our lease in our rent house ending May 1st, we wasted no time and began work on our new home the day we received the keys. My husband may disagree on the use of the word “little,” so let me specify:

*Side Note:Please keep in mind while reading this that when I say we, I really mean mostly my hard working husband, along with some awesome family members and friends since I was 6 months pregnant at the time and aside from some painting here and there, I was pretty much useless.

We stripped up all of the carpet in the entire house, broke out all of the tile, replaced a toilet, broke out the backsplash in the fireplace and kitchen, replaced the flooring with new carpet and vinyl planks, new backsplash in the kitchen and on the fireplace, repainted every single inch of the house, took off all of the cabinets, decided we were going to stain them, changed our mind (by our, I mean mine) decided to paint them instead… after my husband tediously sanded every single door… didn’t like the first paint color, repainted them again and ta-da!

We had what looked like, a completely new house.

As our move in date drew closer, the excitement, as well as the stress, grew.

One week before we were to move in, as I was headed back to work from my lunch break, I was involved in a hit and run accident. By the grace of God, I walked away with only a burn on my wrist from the air bags. My car wasn’t as lucky. After being escorted off the highway, officers informed me it looked like a new vehicle would be in the near future because they were guessing it was totaled… Their guess was right.

After first making sure myself and Kinsley were both okay, we proceeded to work out the details of how we would go about the new issue at stake: Two people, two jobs, one car.

Now we were still counting our blessings because we know plenty of people who are far worse off than us; those who were injured far more severely than me, or those who have had to be in this situation of only one car for a long time. Considering the vehicle was being driven by a thief, I am extremely grateful the accident wasn’t worse.

After looking at our finances, rearranging some budgets and looking ahead, we decided to begin the car shopping process. One week later, not only were we home owners, we were also officially car owners.

A couple weeks before, someone jokingly made the comment to Wes:

“Well in one year you graduated college, got married, are expecting your first child, bought a house… all you have left to do is buy a car!”

Challenge accepted. Challenge complete.

For us, although the accident was frightening, it ended up being a blessing in disguise. We had originally discussed getting rid of one of our cars come July/August and upgrading to a more family friendly vehicle since we would have a little one. We have a friend who is a car salesman and found us the awesome deal (in only a week) on our current, very gently used vehicle, which turned out to be a perfect fit for us in all aspects; mileage, color, design, space, etc.

I blinked and April was gone.

For us, being able to find two full time jobs right out of college was an incredible blessing in itself, having no debt was even greater. As we tried to settle in to our new home during May, I kept looking back at the month of April and just thinking, “Wow, how did we do all of that? We bought and remodeled a house, had a car accident, bought a car… and financially we are still stable.” 

Not to say that it wasn’t hard at times, my husband and I can both vouch that between him working a full time day job with 40 kindergartners, then going straight to the new house to begin work on it, along with me being a moody, emotional 6 1/2 month pregnant woman who couldn’t do any lifting, or would attempt —because I don’t like feeling helpless— tensions were high.


It’s incredible to look back at the times in our life and wonder God, what in the world are you doing? How are we going to get through this? What next? And then see how He answered every little question, every single prayer and so graciously moved in our life, showing us how to be patient and content with His answers and His timing.

For both of us, May was a hectic month at our jobs. Wes was preparing for the end of the school craziness, full of meetings with upcoming students, lots of paperwork and of course, overly excited 4-5 year olds who absolutely can’t wait for summer break.

For me, we are busy preparing for the 75+ college students who arrive the third week of May as well as prepping the camp grounds for 8 weeks of summer camp that start June 5th and go until July 28th.

Poof. There went May.

Which brings us to June. Well, the end of June…

Currently 5 weeks away from meeting our little girl, we are completely settled into our home, Wes is enjoying his summer break/speech therapy sessions on the side/helping with the summer school program. I’m got four weeks of summer camp down, having seen over 200 salvations in that time (Go, Jesus!) We also have some incredibly kind and helpful neighbors, along with some very chatty neighborhood children that bring us hand picked grass and hand made pencils, as well as water our flowers when we’re out of town. What more could we ask for?

When people ask us how we met, we always get some responses of, “You two are crazy.

When they ask us how long we’ve been married, then see my growing tummy, we tend to get that same response.

When they ask us how our first year of marriage is going, the response is still the same.

If you ask us though, we wouldn’t want our life to be any different. There’s not a thing I would change about the past 11 months.

So here’s to an incredible Heavenly Father who shows grace so abundantly despite our sinful, chaotic selves where even though we may question His plans for us at times and fail Him daily, He still loves us unconditionally.

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