Bow Ties or Tutus?

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

“Do you want to know what it is?”

The moment had finally come for Wes and I to find out what gender this tiny human being inside of me was… but Wes wasn’t there.

Let me back up a little to explain…

This past Friday, I went to see my doctor for my monthly check up. It was supposed to just be a routine, quick 15 minute follow up appointment. However, when I met with my doctor, after she measured my stomach, listened to the heartbeat and asked if I would like to see the baby through the ultra sound, she then asked if I would like to know what it is. Seeing the surprise on my face (partially because my formal ultra sound to announce the gender wasn’t scheduled until the end of the month, also partially because I was just at the end of my 18th week), then also noticing that no one was there with me to celebrate this exciting moment, she sweetly gave me a few options.

“Or we can just wait until dad is here, too… Or, if I can clearly tell what the gender is through this ultra sound, I will write it down and send it home in an envelope with you and you two can open it together?”

Obviously, being the so very patient person I am, I quickly chose option number two.

After seeing my precious baby’s eyes, nose, so clearly defined fingers and toes, the doctor turned the screen away from me and within just a minute, confirmed that she was pretty accurate on her guess of what the baby is. To reassure her guess, she even grabbed one of the ultra sound techs to come take a quick look. You can imagine the suspense, as my doctor wrote down our little one’s gender, folded the note up and stuffed it into not just one, but two, envelopes, ensuring I wouldn’t be tempted to sneak a peek through the envelope before I got home. After leaving the doctor’s office, I quickly called Wes. Having previously texted him with the words:


He answered the call after one ring and said,“We’re having twins?!

Reassuring him, that no, there is still just one baby growing inside of me, I explained that we would know tonight whether we have a baby boy or a little girl. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see each other until 6 that evening. Having that envelope sit in my purse, knowing that inside of it was the gender of our baby, was possibly one of the hardest things I’ve had to wait for in my life. After a 5 hour wait, we sat down together and were able to open up the white envelope that would reveal to us what our child would be.

Turing all electronics off, saying what each of our guesses were, we opened up the letter.


Because Wes and I are going to do a gender reveal party with our families, my doctor suggested we wait until the formal ultra sound on March 23rd, to announce the gender… 

just to be safe.Even though she is over 90% sure what she saw in the ultra sound is the correct gender, since I was only 18 weeks at the time, she thought it best to verify the gender again when I am 21 weeks at the formal ultra sound.

So, stay tuned to find out what our little bundle of joy is, because wow!

We just can’t wait to share what our little one is!

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