At Home Teeth Whitening for Coffee Stains

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"So do you still like doing this? Staying home?"

We were sitting in the living room one evening last week and I had just put Kinsley down for bed and proceeded to pull out my laptop when my husband asked me the above question. Here lately, we've had a lot of things going on during the day time, so instead of getting to work on client projects during my daughter's nap time, I've had to spend a lot of time in the evenings after she's gone to bed catching up on work.

I didn't have to think twice though to give an answer to that question.

"Of course! It's definitely harder, and I do miss having my own desk to work from, but I would choose this again in a heart beat!"

We talked for a little bit about what some of the hardest things were about being a SAHM/WAHM. If I'm being honest, one of the things I miss most about working is doing my hair + makeup and wearing real clothes. If you're a mom, then you totally get where I'm coming from. I went through my closet the other day and part of me wanted to cry at all the clothes and shoes that don't get the opportunity to be worn anymore.

I've only been at home for about 6 months now, but I learned just how quickly you can start forgetting to take care of yourself. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about comfort. I live in yoga pants most days because well, no sense in wearing my favorite dress just to have a sticky toddler wipe peanut butter all over me. And I thoroughly enjoy my fresh unpainted face and embrace the messy bun, but there's just something about being able to get dolled up every now and then; putting together an outfit, styling your hair, applying more than just one coat of mascara, if any.

So a couple months ago, I decided to start doing a self care day/night a few times a month. During this day/night I do 5 things:

  1. Bubble bath

  2. Face mask

  3. A book

  4. A cup of tea

  5. Smile Brilliant teeth whitening treatment.

(Some of these things, such as tea or Smile Brilliant teeth whitening treatment, I do more than just a few times a month, those I tend to do a few times a week.)

Bubble Bath

Now when I say bubble, I should probably specify. I don't really use bubble bath, but I do use bath bombs! My two favorite bath bombs ever are from Young Living! They're infused with Lavender + Stress Away essential oils, and holy moly. Talk about relaxing!

Face Mask

When it comes to face masks, I vary with what kind I do based on what my skin is doing at the time. Sometimes, I make my own oatmeal mask, other times, I use a charcoal mask that I have purchased. As a 24 year old, my biggest regret of face masks is the fact that I didn't start using them until two years ago! Having a good skin care routine is so important. Show some love to your skin, ladies!


I'm a bit a of a book worm, so this one may not be on your self-care list, that's totally okay. The point is to find something that YOU love and do it at least once a month, whether it's reading, playing a sport, or taking up a hobby such as sewing or pottery. If you are a fellow book worm, I'm currently reading Just Mercy and it is SO good! A couple of others I highly recommend are Redeeming Love and Everybody Always.


Most of my self-care times happen at night, so I love unwinding with a hot cup of tea. A few flavors that I really enjoy are Chamomile, Green tea mixed with honey + a drop of Nutmeg essential oil, and a newly recent flavor that my husband introduced me to, Passion Fruit. Again, this may not be your cup of tea (ha, see what I did there?). So feel free to substitute tea with whatever your preference is, maybe it's wine, maybe it's chocolate, I personally also enjoy a good Ginger Beer.

Smile Brilliant

I've always been a coffee drinker, but since becoming a mom, I drink A LOT of coffee. No shame. However, I also have very large teeth, mainly two very large front teeth. I've learned to embrace my big teeth, but in doing so, I am also very cautious about trying to keep my teeth looking as bright and white as possible since my smile is one of my most noticed features due to my teeth size. Through the years, I've tried several whitening products and to date, Smile Brilliant's teeth whitening treatment is my favorite one. An advantage this teeth whitening treatment has is the custom teeth whitening trays.

I've been using Smile Brilliant for the past month and I was shocked at how well their teeth whitening treatment actually works. The fact alone that I could see a difference in the color of my teeth was enough to win me over, but as a mom who chases a toddler around and works from home, the big thing for me was how easily I could do this treatment.

So here's how the process works. I was asked a few questions about my dental history. A week later, I received my Smile Brilliant package. In this package is everything you need to make your custom teeth molds and to do the teeth whitening treatments. It took me just a few minutes to make my teeth molds, then I mailed them back in the provided envelope. Several days later, I got my custom teeth whitening trays back. They perfectly fit my mouth, making it super comfortable to whiten!

When Kinsley would go down for a nap, I would pop in my trays with the whitening gel, then go work on projects for clients, it was that easy! The nice thing is if you have sensitive teeth, Smile Brilliant provides a desensitizing gel to use after each whitening. I started out whitening my teeth every day, then switched to every three days. Since I won't be laying off the coffee and tea anytime soon, this is a whitening treatment I'll definitely continue to use!

Here's my before and afters from day one to March 1st, 2019.

Before After

If you have any questions about the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening process, feel free to ask, I'd love to answer!

Now, here's the fun part!

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This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant. However, all opinions are completely my own based off of my own personal thoughts and experiences.


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