Hi, I'm alyssa.

Hi, friends. I'm Alyssa, the 26 year old face behind this site -

Wife to Wes, mother to two beautiful little girls, and a work from home freelance copywriter/social media manager. 

With a degree in journalism, I left my office job a year after my first was born and began freelancing full-time for a marketing agency in Nashville. That same year, my husband who was a Speech Language Pathologist at an elementary, quit his job and became a full-time Children's Pastor. 

With a passion for writing and a newfound passion for all things motherhood,

I started this blog, where I share snapshots of my day and slivers of my heart.

Between church, client projects and raising two girls under the age of 3,

if we're not working, you can find us catching up on our favorite TV shows (Survivor, Criminal Minds + The Mandalorian), strolling downtown with our girls + scruffy dog, or building forts with our daughters while Frozen blares in the background. Every day is an adventure, every second is a story. The days aren't always easy, rarely glamorous, and the nights are usually long. This space is just a way for me to share our real life experiences, remember those moments that we never want to forget; the struggles, the victories and all the lessons learned in between along with a few of my favorite things, such as recipes, activities and more. And if you get a few chuckles, save a few dollars or shed a few tears while scrolling through here, then all the better. ​

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